Best photo recovery apps for Android phone

DiskDigger is a free data recovery retrieval tool. This is the desktop  and mobile version of the Android app. Mobile One enables smartphone and tablet users to file files from their device memory.
Data recovery software  accessing the central architecture of any storage device. It carats data from distorted disk drives or deleted files within the folders of the device by looking for the file structure. It then un-formats and repairs the hard drive partitions and therefore retrieves the erased data for the user to select and use.
DiskDigger available for
– DiskDigger for MacOS
– DiskDigger for Android
– DiskDigger for Windows PC

How Does DiskDigger Work ?

– Open DiskDigger app from your android phone
– Select the “Start Basic Photo Scan” if your phone is not rooted. But you can perform the full scan on the phone if it is rooted
– The app will start scanning for lost files
– Select the thumbnail of your desired photos for preview.
– Press the Recover button, and it will ask you to select one of three option. You can pick whatever preference you think is best.
– You will receive the notification that your selected file has been recovered.
– You can recover videos and files of other formats through a rooted Android device.

Features of DiskDigger

– A quick scan
– Deep scan
– Scanning both internal and external storage.
– Quick scan and deep scan are available
– No root required
– Quick and easy photo recovery tool

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