How to Make Application Logo Notifications on Android Phones

19 Mar, 2021 NewApps No Comments

Along with technological advances like today, there are lots of views on Android phones that can be changed to be more unique and attractive. One of them is changing the notification display on an Android cellphone.


Notifications have an important role on Android phones. With the notification, Android cellphone users can easily find out when a new message arrives. In general, the notification will display a very small application logo in the status bar of an Android phone. But now, we can easily change the appearance of the notification to be more unique and attractive.


Actually, on the Play Store there are lots of applications that provide services to change the appearance of notifications on Android phones. One of them is the NotifyBuddy application. By using this application, you can change the appearance of the notification to become an application logo notification.

So when there is an incoming notification from an application, and the condition of the Android cellphone screen is off; then the application logo appears even though the Android phone screen is off.


1. First download and install an application called NotifyBuddy on your Android phone. After the application is successfully installed, just open the application and give all the permissions needed by the NotifyBuddy application.

2. Then you will be directed to the User menu . In this User menu, you can choose which applications on your device you want notifications to appear on.

3. Click the Bell / Active menu to see which applications will display notifications.

4. To be able to display notifications based on the application logo, just click the Settings menu . There are three main features for being able to display notifications based on the application logo.

  • First, find and activate the Show App Icons as LED feature . This feature is a Premium feature, but you can get it for free by watching ads that have been provided by the NotifyBuddy application.
  • Second, find and click on the feature called LED Position & Size . Set the size of the notification size, and use the joystick on the HP screen to adjust the layout of the notification position.
  • Third, find and activate the Individual LED Show feature . This feature is used to be able to display several application logos at the same time when there is an incoming notification. Done, exit the NotifyBuddy application without closing the application.

5. Approximately the following is the display of the application logo notification on the Android cellphone screen.


How easy is it, isn’t it displaying the application logo as a notification when a new message arrives? You can apply this notification to the applications you use the most. Interestingly, there is no limit to the maximum number of applications that can be displayed application logo notifications.

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