How to Transfer Whatsapp Chat History to Telegram

Some time ago WhatsApp became a trending topic because of its privacy policy. Well, maybe at this time many of you want to switch to other applications, Telegram for example. For this reason, this time inwepo will share ways to move chat history or import chats from WhatsApp to Telegram.


The rise of a controversial issue belonging to WhatsApp has pushed its rival messaging application, Telegram, to make the most of this moment. Telegram parties apparently know that many of the WA users choose to migrate and use the application. Therefore they released a new feature, namely import chat messages .

According to the news circulating this feature was created because he saw one WhatsApp user who did not want to switch to another app because there were many important chats contained in Mark Zuckerberg’s application. He is afraid that he will no longer be able to access important data contained in the old chat chat .

Finally, the chat import feature was born , where with this feature users no longer need to worry about losing chat history in the WhatsApp application. Users can move their chat history very easily, besides that, interestingly, this feature also applies to other chat applications such as KakaoTalk, LINE and so on.


Telegram said that the chat import feature does not only apply to private chats but also group chats . In addition to chat history, all important documents, whether photo or video files , can also be moved. This feature is already available for Android and iOs, the important thing to note is that you must have an application that is updated or the most recent, whether it’s WhatsApp or Telegram.


1. Open the WhatsApp chat history of the user you want to move. Tap the 3 dots in the upper right corner then select the Export Chat menu . Next, a notification will appear to choose to include media or without media.

2. Next, the delivery option will appear, just select Telegram . You will be prompted to select a user contact on Telegram to move the chat history .

3. There will be a pop up notification that will appear immediately select Import . Wait a few moments, if it works, it will say imported in every bubble chat .


The chat import export feature is actually quite helpful for many users. How come you who have important data that you want to transfer to Telegram are no longer worried, it also saves more time. Not to mention that the method is not difficult and is classified as very easy.

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