How to Use Selfi Mask and Video Mute Telegram


Today telegram is becoming more and more popular and is getting to be known by many people. Not only because of WhatsApp’s privacy policy which made it experience a decrease in users, but in terms of telegram features it can be said to be more complete. Of the many features there are also 2 features in Telegram, but not many people know. These features are selfie mask and video mute .


Who doesn’t like selfies today ? Yep, almost everyone, whether male or female, children and also parents, all really like to take selfies . Telegram parties really understand this and have a self-mask feature . This selfie mask is almost like a sticker but it can be placed in front of the face. Or we can also mean that this selfie mask is indeed a sticker specially made for masks when doing selfies .


This mute video can also be called a video message as well as in other applications. However, what is a little different is that the sound or sound in the video can be turned off. And what’s unique is that when we turn off the sound in the video, it will automatically turn into a gif.



1. Open the Telegram application and tap the attachment menu as usual. Tap the camera icon to add a picture from the camera or directly select an image from the gallery.

2. After entering the photo editor menu tap the brush icon , then tap the sticker icon again .

3. Next to the menu or sticker icon , there will be a mask icon , then select the selfie mask that you want to use. Set the size using the blue dots on the left and right.

4. For video mute, it is not much different here, you just have to select the video to be sent and then tap the sound icon to turn off the sound. At the top there will be written sound muted , and the video will loop automatically and turn into a Gif image.


The 2 telegram features above are quite interesting and very helpful to add to the fun of chatting . Besides that, there are also menu options for editing video and photos into one but versatile application. Good luck !


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